Brickwork Services in Manchester

Feerick Ltd provide full brickwork and blockwork services to suit all needs, from home build to commercial and industrial projects. Our highly-trained and skilled workforce construct and complete projects to the highest standard. An experienced team of bricklayers and workers assess the structure and necessary build material necessary. Providing a high-quality package of brick, block and stonework, Feerick Ltd forms solid and aesthetically pleasing foundations.

Brickwork Services

Builders by name, builders by trade

Through proper brickwork installation, you can reduce energy use and costs with a stable and durable brick.

Feerick Ltd also use different types of bonding and courses, depending on the strength and design, to suit your build project.

For brickwork that is in need of repair or alternations, Feerick Ltd can renovate your brickwork to restructure and strengthen the previous brick.

Blockwork Services

Laying the foundations for a rock solid future

Not only will Feerick Ltd’s masonry help make structures more energy efficient, but also make them strong and reliable.

With our workforce using high-quality bricklaying, block and stonework, these materials effectively prevent building and structures from leakage or sustaining water damage.

In addition to being weatherproof, our service materials such as brick are also resilient and fire resistant.

Stonework Services

Stone feature walls

Feerick Ltd can create beautiful structures with stones constructing various building shapes and silhouettes to suit your requirements.

Patterns of stonework, whether random and coursed, give unique detail while also capable of serving as the foundation of buildings.

As decoration, use stone for paving slabs or for walkways.

Frequently asked questions

Please have a look at our FAQ’s below and if you can’t find an answer to your question then feel free to contact us and we can discuss it in more detail. We have a wealth of experience and will answer your questions best as we can.

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What are the benefits of using brickwork and stonework in construction?

Brick and stone are widely used in construction for their strong and long-lasting structural properties. They are durable, fire resistant as well as sound resistant. They are safe to use and keeps true to form as they will not warp or rot due to age. Brick is also energy efficient as it will help to retain heat within buildings and sustainable as bricks can be recycled.

How can we best use concrete?

Concrete is one of the most common buildings and structuring material, as this versatile material can be used to build foundations to stairs. Concrete blocks are common building material while dense concrete is used for load bearing partitions and foundations. Lightweight concrete can be used for thermal insulation while aerated concrete blocks are used for lightweight partitions, foundations, and cavity walls.

What makes Feerick Ltd the best brick, block and stonework company for me?

When constructing and completing any works, the highly-trained and skilled workforce of Feerick Ltd holds itself to a different standard–the highest standard. Feerick Ltd provides the same quality workmanship and performance integrity to each and every project. Experienced with commercial, domestic and industrial building types, we hold a diverse and impressive range of skills and materials to suit your project needs and vision.

What should I expect when I contact a contractor?

When contacting a contractor, the company should give you all the advantages and disadvantages associated with each and every material when choosing what to build with. The contractor will give a proposal pointing out different design details, the materials that will be used, the cost of the project and the time period to complete the project.

How long does it take to complete brickwork and stonework?

The time period to complete a project depends on the size of the job and the materials involved. Brickwork and stonework requires intense labour but when done properly will last a long time.

Why do some bricks look like they are covered in white powder?

This white powder is called efflorescence, which is formed when soluble salts in cement and mortar appear on the surface. After brick installation and drying, this white appearance will disappear over time due to natural exposure.

Do brick colours fade?

They do not fade because the clay used in bricks are fired in a kiln, not coated. Bricks may change in appearance due to dirt or other debris clinging to the surface but these can be removed by cleaning the bricks.

Stonework Services

Blockwork Services

Brickwork Services

Feerick Ltd is an established Manchester-based building company specialising in Groundworks, Formwork, RC frames and General Building Development. With over 25 years hands-on experience, managing and structuring building sites in Cheshire and Manchester.

Feerick Ltd are experts in the field.

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